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How do I get my Free Template?

To get your free template simply call us on 0114 2444461. We will then email you over our blank risk assessment template free of charge. You can then use that to create your own professional risk assessments in minutes.

Our offices are open 8am - 9pm (9am - 5pm weekends) to claim your free document.


How do I write a Risk Assessment?

This is a question we are regularly asked by business owners and managers on a regular basis. We have written a complete guide to writing your own Risk Assessment which you can access by clicking here.


Why is this service free?

HS Direct Ltd are committed to ensuring small business can access the help and advice they require to carry out their legal duties correctly, and gain access to larger contracts which enables them to expand.

All these products are available by calling our offices on 0114 2444461 and quote "FREE RA", then they will be emailed out to you.


I am applying for CHAS, can you help?

CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is a scheme run by the Government enabling organisations large and small to easily show their Health & Safety competence, or to check the competence of contractors they are considering taking on.

The scheme operates a register of contractors, enabling larger companies, and local government procurement to easily establish whether or not a company carries out its Health and Safety duties. Organisations such as schools, local authorities and other large building contractors will stipulate that to take on a contract with them you must be CHAS registered. Not being CHAS registered can often be a barrier to gaining new contracts or even keeping existing ones.

To find out more visit for more information or call our offices on 0114 2444461.


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